Privacy Policy

MMOearn cares about your privacy as a gamer. We hate getting our e-mail spammed with garbage we never asked for, so we make it a point not to contribute to that.

1. We will store information about you when you use our website. Don’t get scared, we aren’t Facebook. MMOearn collects your IP and time stamp. We will mainly use this information to make sure fraud is not being committed against MMOearn or it’s partners. 

2. We will display the previously mentioned information in various scenarios. Mainly on our community page, your username and time may appear. Your IP address and email will never be  posted publicly here.

3. Information such as: passwords, emails and usernames entered into MMOearn (NOT Third-Party Offers) will be kept private and never released or sold. All information entered onto MMOearn (Community Chat, Staff Live Chat, all text fields) is kept safe and secure.