Additional Rune Page

274.00 Credits

Expand your Rune Book with Additional Rune Pages.


Grab Your Free Additional Rune Pages

Expand your Rune Book with additional Rune Pages for free! Rune pages cost just 274 credits at MMOearn. You start off with two rune pages but for some players that just doesn’t cut it. Expand up to the maximum 20 rune pages without spending any RP or IP. If you have unlocked all the slots a rune page can hold a maximum of 30 runes.

Each page is subdivided into 9 mark slots, 9 seal slots, 9 glyph slots and lastly 3 quintessence slots. The order in which you unlock slots is always Mark, Seal, Glyph. This repeats 3 times, and then on every 10th level a quintessence slot is unlocked (meaning you open quintessences at 10, 20, and 30). Also upon every 10th level, you gain access to using a higher tier rune. At level 10 you gain access to the use of Tier 2 runes and at level 20 access to use Tier 3 runes.