Rarest RuneScape Items Of All Time 2001-2016

rarest runescape items
First of all most RuneScape players will never have the privilege of owning these very precious items. For the most part rare items are of great value and highly sought after even increasing there value. This insures they never loose value. So the rarest runescape items can be a good investment if you’re looking to park a large amount of gold. Also you will have an amazing thing to wear or show off in a trade screen.

Easter egg – Dropped on Easter 2002. – Heals 120 Life points.

Pumpkin – Dropped October 31st 2001. – Heals 140 Life points.

Red h’ween mask

Blue h’ween mask

Green h’ween mask – All makes were dropped on October 31st 2002. No fuction other then looking bad ass.

Christmas cracker – Dropped on December 25th 2001 – Inside there is a random party hat and an item. Today the price is so high and these are so rare do not crack them! You will be killing history if you do!

Red partyhat – Located inside a Christmas Cracker.

Yellow partyhat – Located inside a Christmas Cracker.

White partyhat – Located inside a Christmas Cracker.

Green partyhat – Located inside a Christmas Cracker.

Blue partyhat – Located inside a Christmas Cracker.

Purple partyhat – Located inside a Christmas Cracker.

Santa hat Dropped on December 25th 2002. Indeed it is stupid looking but holds value.

Super Rare Items

Disk of Returning 

rarest runescape items

RuneScapers were originally punished for breaking the rules by being sent to a place known as the Black Hole until their ban expired. Eventually users thought this space was cool then Jagex introduced the disk of returning. It allows you to return from the Black Hole.  To much dismay Black Hole was eventually removed in December 2001, however the Disk of returning was left in the game. As few people possessed a Disk when the hole was removed and many of those will likely have been lost over the years, this item is extremely rare. Who cares if it doesn’t work, you will be one of the very few people who have one.

Half Full Wine Jug

rarest runescape items

Jugs of win did poses two doses at one time. Wine was like a potion during early 2001. Which only means you could drink it more then once. Fast forward a few months maybe even a year and Jagex took out the two doses.  Two dose wines did not last long. As a result of the change many people now had an item that was impossible to get but still trade able.

Who cares if you couldn’t wear it. People flocked in masses trying to acquire this old piece of RuneScape history. It is probably the rarest item in the game. 

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