MMOearn has had some exciting recent updates lately!

Generally, we do updates everyday somewhere on the site. Whether it be a simple text adjustment, or a totally new page. Constantly evolving MMOearn is the key to bringing a better user experience.

In the last few days, we have made some major releases. 

First, let’s talk about the new MMOearn APP!

That’s right MMOearn now has its very own Android App. Ready to be downloaded from the google play store. Just search for it on your Android Phone’s App store.

The new app allows for anyone with an Android Device to earn credits anywhere. You can literally get more RSGP while you’re sitting in school bored out of your mind. Never before could you get RuneScape gold from your phone. For absolutely no cost of course.

mmoearn updates

What’s great about the mobile app is it has offers you don’t see on your desktop!

Our App offers you an extension of our normal walls for desktop users. They have less offers in total, but their mostly all unique offers for mobile only. This effectively expands the amount of offers you can do greatly. Increasing your free earnings even more. Trying out new games or software for your phone has never been better. You can now download some of the most popular apps, and get your coins.

The app is currently in Beta.  You may find a bug or two in the app, let us know about it and we will give you free credits. We are constantly pushing updates to the new app. Making it better and better everyday. We hope to expand to the Apple App store soon.

We have a new offer wall partner! Adwork.

mmoearn updates

We are very proud to partner with AdWork Media to extend your options. Currently they are a smaller provide. They do provide the fewest options compared to your other choices. However, their offers are still very good and easy. They also update more frequently it seems. Just click the reload icon at the top of the adwork wall. Their also a great addition to our mobile offers. Providing you with dozens of surveys and downloads for free. From some of the biggest advertisers on the market.

Once again we must stress MMOearn has zero control over when an offer credits you. Do not blame us for missing credits please. We are paid when you’re paid. Please use the proper support sections on each individual wall for assistance. Generally support is always responsive. They want you to get your credits or they aren’t paid either.

This is MMOearn’s first update post. Many more to come, that’s for sure. We have just done so many small updates it seemed pointless to publish a big post about it. However these two are worth it. We hope it puts a new set of bandos or a godsword in your bank.