Revenge of the Giant Mimic – RS3

The Giant Mimic boss is, once again, on the prowl in the Treasure Hunter cavern. Head to the Burthorpe Lodestone and through the portal to battle and loot this ticky little beast every day from November 17th to November 1st.

revenge of the giant mimic

This is how you play! Do this everyday for a week straight.

Defeat the Giant Mimic boss in no more than 150 seconds after selecting one of four difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite. Battle the Giant Mimic as many times as you like during the event but you can only loot 5 times per day. You will only use up a loot attempt by killing the boss.

Be aware the boss fight is a safe fight. If you die you will not loose your items. You will simply have to restart your attempt.

More ways to get rewarded.

Additional, trade-able tokens to loot the boss beyond its daily limit can be won via Treasure Hunter. Giving you a greater chance of getting something good!

You can also use your Keys to win small, medium, large or huge loot crates. Buy keys with the credits you get from MMOearn :).

The Rewards that are possible.

On defeating the boss (any difficulty), you have a chance to receive the mimic pet as a drop. Only if you don’t already have it. Obviously this is the least desirable.

Loot crates earned from defeating and looting the boss (or won using Treasure Hunter, if you’re rich irl) can be unlocked to find an assortment of rewards, including:

  • Mini protean packs – each contain 10 protean items
  • Mimic Hat
  • Scrimshaws of aggression, sacrifice and corruption are available.
  • Combat training dummies, springs and feathers
  • Rare item tokens
  • Trade-able override tokens

Hard/Elite-only Rewards

  •  2H sharded weapon tokens, available from loot crates
  •  Rare trade-able mimic plushie! Yes a Plushie – only available as a drop from the boss
  • As before, the mimic tongue cape is available only as a drop from the boss. Pretty bad ass cape.

Furthermore Iron Man has it’s own set of rules. Ironman players can take on Giant Mimic and earn the hat and cape. They cannot earn additional kill tokens. Nor will not receive Treasure Hunter-specific loot from the crates.

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