Jagex is introducing a brand new rs banking update!

rs banking update

The bank in RuneScape is as iconic as it gets. Everyone uses the bank. Everyday multiple times per day even. Some skills can’t even be trained without heavy banking. Such as cooking, fletching etc. Anything that needs lots of items to train, you need to bank. Jagex is making it easier to find what you need and keep yourself organized. What a bunch nice guys!

They have promised great things. First of all they will keep the bank’s style and feel. To avoid new players and returning players having difficulties. All updates will be to build a better bank!

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First up, a new UI redesign.

A big development towards a better banking system in rs is redoing the bank. The bank will look far different then the current system in play.

There will be a plethora if new visuals in the new bank. Including implementing new presets, sorting features and involving the inventory and equipment screen. All on the banks main page. This will get crowded.

Total RS bank update Features List:

  • Organization options, including placeholders.
  • Semi-unlimited bank tabs
  • Shuffling around items for organization,
  • Fully custom cosmetic effects. Design the colors however you like!
  • Better Meta tabs for searches.

The new bank will be one of the biggest updates in history. The main banking system has remained the same for years. Sure, some minor tweaks have occurred. Nothing like the update that will soon be pushed.

You can go on the main rs site and vote for the ones you like or don’t like. Finally jagex is making an update and basing it off of player needs. All designs and updates are from players themselves. Insuring less chance of users freaking out over new updates. Jagex has finally broken their habit of pushing random updates for no reason. Let’s see if they can stick to it.

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