Join the newest version of Deadman Season IV.

free runescape membership event

Checkout the new seasonal Deadman mode. Bringing more hardcore features to the RuneScape Gold Landscape. Far more dangerous then the regular versions. However, it is a whole lot of fun. Plus you can use your seasonal deadman gold to transfer over to OSRS and Rs3!

Just login to the following worlds to instantly join this amazing seasonal mode:

  • 311
  • 312
  • 313
  • 319
  • 320
  • 321
  • 338
  • 357
  • 359
  • 360
  • 374
  • 378

You can join these worlds for a shot at $10,000 at the end of the one month long event. The last 2,000 players will automatically have a shot at the deadman mode next year. Bringing more fun to look forward too. Don’t forget to use this early time to train up skills and advance your account for future use. You can never have to high of stats being pking and going up in ranking. However, this also means you’ll have less time to do pking.

Figure out a strategy that works for you. Generally your normal play style will not work. You need to put in long hours if you want a chance to win the big prize. No mainstream botting platforms can help you. Since a month is far to short to support something. Plus the real players will report you. Real players will always be on the look out for new botting areas and people. It ruins the game for others.

MMOearn will not be supporting deadman mode.

We cannot get gold for deadman mode easily. So we will not participating in any gold related activities. Of course rs3 and osrs will still be available.

A month is just not a long enough time to justify participating. Plus it’s not extremely popular. It is popular but not enough to warrant such measures. We hope you join in the action though! Just don’t forget your regular rs account. It won’t just go away after a month like in deadman mode IV.