Does an RSGP Generator Exist?

rsgp generator

Every RuneScape player has thought about getting coins from nothing. Some sort of hack that defies the physics of the game itself. In RuneScape’s history they have actually existed, in a way. Only one glitch we will mention involves a third-party program. The last real rsgp generator was in 2003.

The Partyhat Duplication Glitch 2003

The glitch was performed by trading with a friend,  then using a program called AutoRune to enter the numerical value that corresponded with a certain non-stackable item to have an item pop up and be traded to the other person. You would simply enter the number for say a Adamant Battleaxe was 76, so that value would be entered into AutoRune and the player who was trading with the one using AutoRune would be able to receive that item. The quantity of the item is shown as 0 on the trade screen of the player creating the item but it would show up as a quantity of 1 on the trade screen of the player receiving the item. Thus transfering the item for free, form absolutely nothing.

As you can imagine players who used the program duplicated the most expensive items. Partyhat’s were the most common item. This glitch effects the game to this day. Jagex was unable to remove all duplicated partyhats. Thus reducing there price greatly even in 2016!

The Money Pouch Glitch

The mack daddy of all RuneScape Glitches! Every rs player wishes they used this glitch when it was available. It was available for a very long time, in glitch standards anyway. Nearly 15 days it worked. It was discovered the 20th of June 2012.

The glitch was caused with the bank PIN on the money pouch update that let players quickly enter the Crucible Arena after paying their fee. Then you would go to the bank to refill your money pouch to maximum capacity, and getting your fee back. The results were shocking, two stacks of your fee were repaid dropping to the floor. This lead to duplicating what they were to normally be paid out only once. This could be done repeatedly.

Of course once discovered certain players went crazy, and abused it for hours. This could also be done at the duel arena making it twice as big. Estimates claim you could make 1 billion coins per hour, if you knew about it. It’s believed up to 10 trillion in gold was created during this 15 day time period, before Jagex patched it. All users involved were banned, and most gold was deleted from the game. Trillions probably still exist.

This is really the only true rsgp generator in existence.

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