runescape 2007 goldWhy is RuneScape 2007 gold more expensive then Rs 3 gold?

Understanding why Runescape 2007 gold is more expensive then RuneScape 3 gold isn’t difficult. First you must know that each game was created at an entirely different point in time. Secondly the player amounts vary greatly. Finally the type of players who play each game.

RuneScape 2007 gold is the same as runescape 3 gold.

This means that there is actually RuneScape 2007 gold in RuneScape 3 as we speak. Gold does not just disappear easily. Generally you have to high-alch something that is worth more then what you will get when the spell is cast. Since each game was created years apart (but actually at the same time) there is different amounts of gold in each game. The amount of gold in RuneScape 3 is probably 5-10 times greater then in Old School RuneScape. I’m just estimating here but it could be 100x more gold. That is entirely possible since everyone who plays Old school played Rs3.

The amount of players is very different.

Furthermore, the amount of players who play each type of RuneScape varies. We can’t be sure if Jagex posts the total amount of players online for RuneScape 3 and 2007 sepperately. For example the homepage of RuneScape may show total players in both games. If this is the case i’d still say 2007 has less players, but they play more often and longer. RuneScape 3 is heavily advertised and is Jagex’s future no doubt. There will always be more players in RuneScape 3 then Old school. Old school is really there for old players to still pay for membership. Runescape 3 probably has 3-5x more players then Old School on an average day.

The type of players varies greatly from RuneScape 3 and Old school.

Old school RuneScape players are used to the classic real world trading life. The most popular RuneScape gold bought and sold is old school which proves my theory. Players who only go onto RuneScape 3 are probably younger and found the game threw it’s recent advertisements. Or they are players who love all the extra things you can do in the newer version of Rs. Either way you have a totally different caliber of people. The fact is Old School players are more inclined to buy gold making the demand greater. This coupled with the fact that there is less Old School gold means a far higher price. The current gold rates are about 4:1 (Rs3 to Old School). Generally they go up and down daily.