Is RuneScape Gambling Worth it? Let’s see.

Trying to get RuneScape gold from gambling goes back to the game’s start. Everyone always wants a chance to change their fortunes for the better as quick as possible. I mean, why grind for gold when you can just win some off another player or site? The risk is huge but the reward is just as great, is runescape gambling worth it?

The RuneScape gambling scene in 2016 is unlike anything the game as seen before. For the first time, there’s more gambling going on outside of the game then on it. Many people choose to play on gambling sites that allow deposits with your rsgp. Historically, RuneScape gambling took place in the duel arena or in game clans. Even merchanting clans could be seen as gambling in a way. A RuneScape gambler has many options these days. Let’s go over all of them.

First, we have the duel arena method.

Simple, straight forward fights in the duel arena for a set amount of gold. The oldest way to wager in RuneScape, and arguably the most fun. The most common way to gamble in the duel arena is to box. Players have no weapons or armor and can do even damage with the same levels. Luck decides who wins in a duel arena fight. Also, we doubt jagex would rig duel arena fights.

Second method, In-Game clans.

In-game clans that host gambling have been around since flowers and dice were introduced into the game. The old way of in-game gambling was to play flowers. The color of the flower would be random therefor you could wager the outcome. Dice was very popular while jagex still allowed it in the game, this lead to the ever popular 55×2. Today in 2016 most gambling in game is in the chat. A user may place a bet and type a command in the clan chat to have a bot roll dice, or plant a flower.

The problem with in-game clans is you can never know for sure if they are rigging the outcome in their favor.

Finally, third-party gambling sites.

Gambling Runescape gold through one of the many third-party sites is the worst way to gamble. You are handing your gold over to a system that is probably rigged, or takes such a large commission that it’s impossible to make gold. Yes some sites offer a ‘provably fair system’ however depending on the hash size this can be rigged as well. Just google provably fair system rigged for yourself.  The commissions these sites may take all but make your chances of getting more gold zero. If you have to pay to deposit or withdraw your gold, or are paying more then a 3% commission each bet, you are basically being scammed. The odds are so bad against you that it’s actually illegal to have such odds in a real casino.