MMOearn’s Quick RuneScape Gold Price History

Buying and Selling RuneScape Gold has been going on as long as RuneScape has been around. It’s been a way for players to level faster, get better gear or gamble their hearts out. Mostly buying gold means you’re cheating in RuneScape. Since you yourself didn’t sit there and grind skills for hours to aquire it. We at MMOearn believe RuneScape’s system to get gold is fundamentally flawed. It will take you forever and a day to get rich in RuneScape grinding levels. Review our quick runescape gold price history below.

runescape gold price history

2006 Screenshot of my bank. I was a beast!

Major RuneScape Gold Price History Events

Launch of RuneScape

The launch of RuneScape created this whole world of real world trading, as jagex puts it. RuneScape 1 wasn’t very popular, but popular enough to form a creative underground market place.  Back in 2001-2002 trading RuneScape gold wasn’t commonplace like it is now. You didn’t see dozens of websites and forum posts advertising its sale. It wasn’t too easy to come by on a mass scale at this time. Generally friends sold rsgp to other friends. Keeping a tight nit community of real world traders forming their own prices. MMOearn speculates that the price of one million RuneScape 1 coins at around $5-7. 

Launch of RuneScape 2

The game everyone knows and loves. A massive departure from RuneScape 1 and a step into the future of RuneScape. When released it was truly a completely different, but better, game. Graphics were overhauled immensely, so were the mechanics of the game itself. These massive amazing changes forged the way for RuneScape explosion in popularity. RuneScape 1 did alright, don’t get us wrong, however RuneScape 2 blew it out of the water. At the start of RuneScape 2 the price of gold was around the same as it was in RS1. Roughly $5-7 per million coins. Why didn’t the price change? Well gold sellers sold a lot more gold due to rs2’s popularity making up the difference.

Launch of RuneScape 3

RuneScape 3 was sort of a hit or miss depending on who you speak with.  In my eyes it was a fantastic update to an already great game. Not the entire overhaul that RS2 was. But welcomed all the same. RuneScape 3 was mostly a graphics update, which is a push towards the games future. People were absolutely stunned by “RuneScape HD” when it came out. I recall squealing like a school girl at the graphics on my 15in monitor. However at this time there was far more gold in the game reducing its price greatly. More players, more gold equals more demand but way more gold then needed. Crashing prices from their all time high of $5-7. Gold around the launch of RS3 was $1-2 per million coins. 

Free Trade Removed

RuneScape gets super murky around 2010-2011. It truly was a game trying anything to retain users. We saw Pking, Wilderness, Staking and Trading updates that many view now as the dark ages of RuneScape. Bounty Hunter, what in the hell was that? Garbage is what it was. However back on topic Jagex took out the games greatest thing, the ability to trade freely with other users. You want to give your friend 10M? Too bad you have a 50k trade limit making any gold buying/selling useless. That is 50k every 24 hours I believe. You could increase this to around 250k, still a waste of time though. RuneScape lost a ton of users from this update.

Free Trade Comes Back

Yes! RuneScape did something right again! Can you believe it, probably not. However, this was the icing on the cake for all players. Being able to trade freely again made everyone incredibly happy. In fact prior to the update Jagex released a poll to gauge how many people wanted it. Over 1.5 Million people had said “Yes” within 24 hours. Making it clear what jagex needed to do. Prior to their institution of the trade gold wasn’t sold anymore. But power leveling was doing well. You would allow someone to play on your account and essentially get gold or levels for you. Still a terrible way of getting gold onto your account safely, so it never became very mainstream.

When free trade came back gold prices were sky high! I recall on the first day many gold sites had already popped up, charging up to $2-3 per million coins. An incredible rate since you could get 2 million per hour in game with the right skills, basically making it a minimum wage job. Surely this could not sustain itself and within a weeks time gold was down to $1 range. Botting became massive again around this time and so did gambling leading to its further decline. Today gold hovers around $1.20 for OSRS and $.25 for RuneScape 3.