MMOearn’s RuneScape Merchanting Guide!

runescape merchanting guideWelcome to MMOearn’s RuneScape Merchanting Guide 2016. This will be a guide about flipping. Flipping is a type of short term investing and a common form of merchanting. It’s super easy to do. Anyone with a little extra gold can flip items for gold on the side.

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Flipping goes back to even the days before the Grand Exchange was introduced. Back when players would stand in the three common trading areas. The first being Varrock West Bank. The Second being Lumbridge Bank. Finally, Seers bank was probably the largest trading hub for members. During this time players would have to spam messages of what they were buying or selling in-game to advertise. If not you couldn’t sell anything quickly.

Flippers during this era really relied on hopping worlds and visiting the popular trading locations. Always looking for people buying and selling the items they want too. There was no way to see what an item was worth anywhere besides what someone was asking for it in-game. Generally you just had to know the range certain things were worth. Sometimes people would be buying lobsters for 100 GP in Varrock and 120 in Seers in the same world! Often times this is where old flippers made their RS Gold. Buying in one location that had an abundance of an item, selling it at a location that had less. Making profit was harder this way.

How To Flip In the Grand Exchange.

Flipping today is way different then back in the real OSRS. It’s far simpler and you never have to move at all! Lots of players simply login and check on their offers in the GE, then logout. Never really playing the game for anything else.

runescape merchanting guideThe key to flipping is studying the market. You need to do a bit of research on item you may consider flipping before you do anything. Visit the Grand Exchange page on the main RuneScape site. Here you can get an idea of how a certain item is behaving. Watching the behavior of an item is very important. Make sure it’s not rising or dropping to quickly. Always do the general flipping test. Buy an item for +5% (max price) then sell it for -5% (lowest price). This can give you a rough idea of the sell and buy prices. It’s great for getting a glimpse into that item in a second. If you can’t even get it for +5% obviously it’s shooting up. If you immediately get it for 5% and get a lot of gold back it could be dropping.

Should you flip items that are rising?

So you see an item in the GE database that’s rising. It has been rising for 2-3 days now and there seems to be no reason why it wouldn’t rise more tomorrow. You think with the extra boost from the future increase you can make even more flipping an item. This can be true a lot of the time. However, when it goes wrong, it goes wrong big time. Instead of making 10%+ on an item, you end up loosing 10%.

Flipping items that are going up is risky. You never really know when the market will come crashing down. Many players can attest to waiting for ever to buy an item for +5%. Only for it to crash not even 2 hours later. If you choose to flip items that are rising, it’s smart be close by. So you can login and monitor the price, selling quickly if necessary.  This type of flipping is even riskier if you purposely hold onto your items for a day, anymore and it’s not flipping. The price can change a lot in a day.

Items that are decreasing following the same risk pattern. You never know how far it will drop.

Flip items that are common and easy to sell.

The absolute worst thing is getting stuck with an item because it ends up crashing. If you buy common items that are traded often you can really keep the chance of this happening low. Buying cheap bulk items is less risky then expensive items. 

If you choose to flip whips like in the pictures above that’s a great common item. Everyone has bought a whip. And because they are 1.5M OSRS each, you can make a healthy margin on them. As you can see I made an easy 57k per whip. Finding items like whips is ideal to making great steady income from merchanting

rs merchanting guideFlipping expensive items can be extremely lucrative buy far riskier. Some people stand by flipping very expensive items. Such as rares, or really any item that’s over 25M OSRS. For example the graph you see is of the elysian spirit shield in OSRS. If you bought an Elysian on November 22nd thinking it would go up or stay semi steady, you would be dead wrong. Look how the graph just drops off into hell after the 22nd.

Sure the graph could have went the other way just as much. However, it didn’t. That’s the risk you take with really expensive flipping. The risk is almost as great as the reward. You would not loose that much on whips or clay.

Stay tuned for our next Runescape merchanting guide. In the mean time get credits now for gold :).