Runescape Scams

Common RuneScape Scams. Beware of these!

Most common RuneScape scams.

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Trust Games

First of all RuneScape scams are everywhere, the Trust Game is where Scammers offer an item or Rs Gold to lure users to follow them to a socluded place where they can chat. Usually, you will see these people saying
things that seem truly unreal, like “Quitting giving away 1Bill!”. RuneScape scams are rampant.

This “Trust Game” is one of the oldest RuneScape scams. It’s most commonly found at the Grand Exchange, Lumbridge Castle or any populated area.

The Trust game functions by getting your attention with huge sums of runescape gold, rare and or expensive items. They will usually bring you to a socluded place so no one can disturb the scam in action and reduce failure rates. It will usually then turn into bets, deposits, or even an auction. Either way YOUR RuneScape Gold is involved. They will ask you for more and more money to ‘trust’ them with. After a set period of time, or the fake amount you need has been exceeded, they give an item to one person. General, they give it to nobody at all.

The RuneScape scammer

Will then log out without returning any of the items or Rs Gold you intrusted with them. Best case scenario, the winner is happy while everyone else is sad anyway. Usually these scammers will even give the item to a friend who he/she knows will return the item to them after the scam is done and they have your gold. This person may wear the item or show you the gold in trade to entice you to trust the scammer. This will trick other players easily to “trust” the scammer, thinking all humans are nice and praying on the .00001% chance it’s not a scam.
Doubling Money!

Also Things You Should Know. The Doubling Money Scam is used to steal a users item, or large amounts of RuneScape Gold. As almost all trust games attempt to do, the concept behind this scam is to slowly gain your trust and increase your confidence level with the scammer until you offer too much, like the one above. Once you test it out with 15k, or an amount of your choice even 5 GP, they gain your trust by giving you back the amount doubled, as advertised. Then, once you fork over a sum them deem adaquate (usually, 100k is enough), they log out and you don’t get your money back obviously.

These scammers will usually double small amounts of money only, or the first amount you offer. A common phrase used is *Doubling RS Gold, using a glitch!”.  Therefor this is absolutely a scam because there is no legitimate RuneScape “gold glitch” out there to magically create billions of Rs coins. You should report all two-trade doubling schemes as you see fit. I recommend reporting the ones who use autotypers, which are also against the rules like spamming and botting.

P-Mod and J-Mod Application/Invite Scams

What You Should Know; RuneScape (Jagex LTD) only notifies users of becoming a Player Moderator by using the Official RuneScape Message Centre. It is not possible to be invited to become a Player-Mod in any other way. All P-Mod Application websites are 100% scams and are there to get your RuneScape account and gold, guaranteed. Also, it is currently not possible to “apply” to become a Player Moderator as it is by Jagex for the time being, and forever probably.

First of all a J-Mod is an official employee of Runescape, they are paid to be online. For the J-Mod Application Scam, it is not possible to become a J-Mod unless you apply on the official Jagex Careers website. J-Mods are employees of Jagex and cannot be obtained in any other way than being an employee of Jagex. This means that if youy strive to become a J-Mod, you will need to get a job at Jagex, so it’s highly unlikely unfortunately.

Due to Runescape’s chat system you can receive private chat messages and even e-mails about being a Player Moderator, but just remember that P-Mod invites are by Message Centre invitations only and you will not be notified in-game about it. If you are asked by a player in-game, then use the in-game reporting button and report the user for Advertising a Website or for Scamming and ignore the user. Finally as far as public chat messages go, it’s the same thing; report and ignore.

RuneScape Merchant/Giveaway Clan Scamming

Today, most of these scams come in the form of phishing for account information. To get your RuneScape Gold or to just sell your account straight up. They will lead you to a link on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, or any number of third-party of sites and ask you to visit the website. The URL and website design may look like the Official RuneScape Website, this is the most common way of getting your info. A ‘forum post’ is being advertised on a url that looks like, it’s not. Always pay attention when clicking on links for unkown sources anytime you use your computer. It will save you tons of time and money.

In addition Merchanting clans are not only popular old RuneScape scams. RuneScape users are still able to manipulate prices and make gold of price increases. Be very weary of any RuneScape Gold Merchant clan you join, the people with the most of that item will sell before they tell you too, and you will probably end up buying some of their stock. Merchant clans only make money for the owners and a few lucky people who get out early enough.
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