New Soul Reaper Update for RuneScape 3 Released!

Fan’s of soul reaper will love this amazing new update. The new soul reaper update for runescape 3 expands it greatly! Totally new rewards and features to get. Checkout all the latest rewards for the mini game below.

Remember you must be a runecoin buyer to get the best rewards. Jagex sells runecoins at a fairly cheap rate. Runecoins are used to buy things in the store. Clicking the chest when logging into runescape 3 opens the squel of fortune. Allowing you to spend runecoins on keys for rewards and other things. Such as cosmetic armor, pets, names and titles. All of these make you look super cool in game.

Soul Reaper Will Be great For Slayer.

The rewards are just amazing. Anyone participating in this by purchasing runecoins has a leg up on every other runescape player. The old rewards were alright, nothing truly great or useful. Now that has all changed as you will find below.

Soul Reaper Rewards:

Book of death. This requires 500 RP to achieve. The prize is the ability to craft the book of death anytime forever. The best prize of them all.

Death notes. You will need death notes to create the book of death. Gain 40 RP for each note.

Reaper’s Choice. When you get 250 RP spend them on this right away. For every one out of every ten slayer tasks you do, you may choose the monster you must kill. Truly amazing for anyone who loves slayer.

Gravestone Loot Beam. For the more vain rs player, see any loot you get in a shimmering light. No other effect except making it look cool we suppose.

Reaper Scrolls. A must have for all soul reaper fans. Get 50% more xp on all SR tasks you do. Forever.

Death’s Support. Obtain 250 reaper points and spend them on this as you last option. It’s really not that good at all.

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