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Is RuneScape’s Treasure Hunter worth it?

Runescape added the treasure hunter feature in early 2013 while rolling out Old School. This new “perk” of sorts was met with mixed reviews from players and critics alike. Learn what treasure hunter is all about right now. Furthermore learn if it’s even worth your precious time. Of course for runescape gold MMOearn always has it.

What is Treasure Hunter In Runescape?

RuneScape’s new giveaway¬†is a unique idea. First of all you use keys to open chests that contain rewards. Basically totally random prizes. Even though I’m sure RuneScape heavily rigs what you can get. It can still be a fun experience that may just offer a fantastic award. Everyday you get a free key to unlock a chest. Inside the chest you generally get a reward that will give you bonus exp in a skill. It may also grant you RuneScape gold or a wearable item.

Everyday you may open a chest and try and claim a great new prize. The most common prize is bonus exp. Which they kindly offer a RuneScape gold equivalent. Although is 50k exp worth 7K? It’s up to you if gold is more important the leveling skills easier. Getting a daily boost in RuneScape gold or exp in a skill has it’s risks and rewards. On one hand you could spend less time on a skill. On another you could get rsgp and go gamble or buy stuff you need.

At the very core of this new feature Jagex has decided to add, is helping players. This update allows for a daily exp boost that may inspire you to train that level today. Or spend gold on something that will boost other players banks. It really does help the whole RuneScape economy move more. Not like it needed any help in the first place

Final question, is it worth it?

treasure hunter

Above you can see the current prices for each key. As stated, you can use keys to open chest containing your rewards. You may buy 15 days worth of free keys for $4.99. (Why they dont just say $5 is beyond me I hate when companies do that.) So this would lead to opening 15 chests quickly. 15 chests may grant you 250k, and a similar amount in experience. That is generally speaking. You will not get super rare amazing rewards all the time. Maybe 1/100 chests give you a great reward. So is purchasing keys for treasure hunter worth it? In essence no not really unless you could care less about money. This is Jagex attempting to milk more money out of users and nothing more.