Ultimate 1-99 Prayer Guide OSRS – Fast Cheap Methods

runescape 99 prayer guide cheap

Prayer is very important skill in Runescape when it comes to combat. Prayer will help you to gain experience faster and also will prevent you from taking a lot of damage from monsters. Yes it’s very expensive skill but it’s definitely worth it. Also the higher your prayer level is the more prayer points you will gain from potions such as prayer potion, super restore potion and sanfew serum. Let MMOearn guide you through prayer with the best RuneScape 99 prayer guide for OSRS in 2018. Learn that fastest methods to level prayer, and the cheapest way to level prayer in 2007 RuneScape.

Prayer can be trained by completing quests, offering bones at altar/burying bones and by reanimating ensouled heads. Training prayer has remained virtually unchanged since RuneScape started.

Quests that train prayer in RuneScape

In OSRS there are 13 quests that will grant prayer xp as reward. You can complete the following quests:

Ghost Ahoy for 2,400xp
Holy Grail for 11,000 xp
Mountain Daughter for 2,000 xp
Priest in Peril for 1,406 xp
Rag and Bone man for 500 xp
The Restless Ghost for 1,125 xp
Recruitment Drive for 1,000 xp
Rum Deal for 7,000 xp
Spirits of the Elid for 8,000 xp
Swan Song for 10,000 xp
Great Brain Robbery for 6,000xp
Another Slice of H.A.M for 3,000 xp
Making History for 1,000 xp

These quests will grant you a total of 54,431 prayer xp which is enough to get you from level 1 to level 43 prayer which unlocks all protection prayer – protection from Magic, Missiles and Melee. 

Training prayer by offering bones at gilded altar

gilded altar runescape prayer

Offering bones at gilded altar is the most popular and fastest method for training prayer. In this method you have to offer bones in a player owned house on a gilded altar. Most commonly used bones are dragon bones due to cost. They cost around 2,500 gp each and they grant 252 xp each when offered on the gilded altar. The fastest way to do this is by being in PvP world and banking at Camelot bank chest in the safe zone.

Even though the most popular method is running from Yanille bank to Yanille house portal. This method can be used by players who don’t have gilded altar in their player owned house and can use someone else’s. You can find players hosting open houses with a gilded altar on world 330 at Yanille portal. Tons of people will let you use their altar for 99 prayer in Runescape. Thanks to the friendly players of OSRS you don’t need to level construction. 

This is a break down of what it costs to gain experience with each type of bone in OSRS. The cheapest method to train 99 prayer in RuneScape is Dragon Bones on a Gilded Alter.

Dragon bones272,00010
Dagannoth bones472,00020
Ourg bones529,00037
Superior dragon bones787,00022.5


Training prayer by offering bones at the chaos altar

chaos altar runescape prayer

Reaching 99 prayer fast can be also trained by offering bones to the Chaos Altar. This altar gives you 50% for the bone not be consumed but you will still get xp. This method is really risky because chaos altar is found at the Chaos Temple in level 38 Wilderness. Player usually take noted bones there as there is Elder Chaos druid who will unnote your bones for 50 gp per piece. This location is also popular player killing hot spot because of players bringing noted bones so make sure to always bring some defensive armor and a teleport.

It’s good to know the best setup is black dragonhide armor with serpentine helmet and Dinh’s bulwark because you are able to protect up to 4 items. You could also bring Armadyl armour or Karil’s depending on your wealth and risk level. Amulet of glory is recommended as it provides quick teleport away at level 30 Wilderness and doesn’t take up your inventory. The chaos alter also provides prayer points for nearly infinite protection spells! Just turn on protect from magic or protect from melee and you will survive most player attacks.

Players also can bring only one inventory of unnoted bones and using a teleport after each inventory. This method is way less risky than bringing noted bones but is also far slower. Furthermore if you’re training prayer you should expect to spend money so don’t cheap out!

Reanimating Ensouled Heads for prayer

This method can be used only by players who have at least 60% favor in the Arceuus house. It’s slower but also a cheaper way than offering bones to gilded altar. Furthermore this method can be done by reanimating ensouled heads and then killing the reanimated monsters. You have to be near the Dark Altar to do this method. You can expect to reanimate around 150 – 200 ensouled heads per hour depending on the type of ensouled heads and your combat level.

Also, the Dark altar can be quickly accessed by traveling with the fairy ring code c i s. Fairy rings can only be used if you have started  Fairy Tale II – Cure a Queen quest. Plus getting permission from the Fairy Godfather. It’s recommended to use rune pouch as it will save your inventory space, which will make your trips longer which will result in higher xp rates per hour. If you decide to train using ensouled bloodveld heads you should expect to gain around 150,000 – 180,000 xp per hour while also gaining around 30,000 magic xp per hour. This method can easily cost you 1 million OSRS gold per hour. 

Why should I train prayer in RuneScape?

The reason why you train skill prayer are prayers which can be found in prayer book. Prayers are basically power ups and protections which are used mainly in combat. Every prayer up to Mystic Might is available for free to play players but every prayer upwards is only available for pay to play players. Using prayer in RuneScape can give you a tremendous edge against monsters and players alike. 

Don’t forget your prayer bonus!

Your prayer bonus can be found in the Equipment Stats window. Additionally you can also find your other bonuses there. Prayer bonus is important because it slows the rate at which your prayer drops. Each point of prayer bonus slows the prayer point drain rate by 3.33% of the normal rate of prayers. The maximum prayer bonus is 63 and can be achieved by wearing these items:

God mitre +5
Ardougne cloak +4
Dragonbone necklace +12
Go crozier +6
God book or Falador shield 4 +5
Proselyte hauberk +8
Proselyte cuisse/tasset +6
Holy wraps +3
Holy sandals +3
Ring of the gods (i) +8
God blessings +1

As shown above training prayer can be costly, cheap, slow or fast. This all depends on how you want to go about tackling your prayer levels. If you want a higher prayer level fast and don’t care about RSGP, use the gilded altar or ensouled heads. If you’re the type of player that’s on a budget, stick with the cheaper bones!