world of warcraft patch 7.3

New Updates To World of Warcraft! Patch 7.3 is here.

Blizzard is known for pushing out good and bad updates. In nearly 20 years of history it’s bound to happen, so lets not be too hard them. Thankfully patch 7.3 is a very good update. New features, a few changes and updated features. Let’s dive right into this great new addition to the world of warcraft game, patch 7.3.

Argus added plus invasion points!

The biggest feature everyone will agree on is Argus. A brand new area for players to explore, added between Azeroth and Kil’jaeden’s. Complete all the new quests and explore new portals! Earn invasion points by entering portals the Burning Legion used thousands of years ago. Uncover the great new boss and claim your epic rewards. To gain these epic rewards go claim your free wow game time.

New five person dungeon.

Most of us will enjoy a great new dungeon addition! Playing the same old dungeons can get really annoying, especially for us old timers. Luckily we can count on wow to provide us with great new dungeon additions all the time. This keeps the game fresh and exiting. We can see that four bosses have been added to the line up. These include: Zuraal the Ascended, Saprish, Veceroy Nezhar, L’ura. Each boss has its’ own abilities, like every other. Beware of new boss pets and special abilities.

Latest wow updates and features.

With the introduction of the new area of Argus, we can enjoy some great new quests! As you progress in this new found land you will unlock more World Quests and new Emissaries for your help. Most players won’t have trouble doing these new quests, wow generally keeps the requirements lower in patch updates. Furthermore we can harness artifact customization. You can now augment your Artifact Relics, use the crucible to strengthen and customize your relics to add additional powers.

This brings us to the new combat animations. While playing you may notice several new updates and changes to various things. The most noticeable updates will be visual.  These will include new animations in Elemental and Restoration Shamans plus Restoration Druids. For those headphone users we have several new sounds too enjoy from the new animations.

wow patch 7.3

Raiding With Leashes V: Cuteacylsm is finally here after months of press. Find your way through the raids of Catacylsm to locate the new battle pets. Revisit the various areas of Cataclysm to find these brand new elemental pets. Try and find all 18 new pets! Collect them all too make your friends super jealous. Enjoy incredible special new abilities and achievements in the latest pet battles update. Remember to play pet battles you need to have world of warcraft game time. Fortunately you can get free world of warcraft game time at MMOearn.

Also you must download the new companion app. Gather all the information you need to dominate the new quests, bosses and pet battles. This is a must have tool for any serious world of warcraft player, it’s published by Blizzard. Rejoice in the fact you can no longer swap equipment in mythic keystone dungeons while under the influence of Grievous or Bursting time delay damages. PvP has changed slightly, in a good way. Notice Gladiator’s Cloak’s rating has been increased to 2300, excluding many players. Furthermore Enchanter’s Illusion is now available to players who earned Duelist: Season 14 or Season 15.

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