Your Survival Guide for Runescape’s Harsh Wilderness

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In Runescape, there’s a wilderness to the north of Misthalin and Asgarnia. It’s a huge area filled with dangerous but rewarding locations. There are also three strong bosses located here, though there are ways to get to them without going through the wilderness. They are the King Black Dragon, the Corporeal Beast, and the Chaos Elemental. However, don’t underestimate the common monsters in the wilderness (skeletons and moss giants) as they can kill unprepared players.
Still, maybe the most significant threats in the wilderness are the player killers. With the rule of having all but three (or four, depending on the circumstances) of your most valuable items to be dropped at death, it’s the biggest risk of going to the wilderness. While you can be prepared for fighting NPCs, other players are more unpredictable and dangerous.
So, to increase the time you’ll be able to survive in the wild, here are some tips to follow.

Dress for Defense, Not Offense

Okay, it depends on what you’re going to do in the wilderness, but it’s generally not a good idea to bring along your most expensive gear and items. A player experienced in PvP can easily defeat an inexperienced player even if the latter had better gear. If you’re planning on not fighting, it would be best to wear as little as possible and carry quick escape (teleport) tablets/runes and food. Armor still does help your chances of survival, so it’s better to wear some.
You may see other players equip their best weapon while wearing relatively less valuable armor. Prayers might guarantee the item’s protection, but certain abilities can drain that and leave the weapon vulnerable. Always carry one or more prayer potions to avoid losing equipment.

Things to Always Bring

Bring potions to replenish prayer or boost your attack or defense. As for runes, teleportation and binding ones are the best to stock up on. The first is for quick escapes in the lower levels (as teleportation is blocked at higher wild levels), and the second is when teleporting is not an option. Bind your opponent to prevent them from attacking you so that you can escape. Then, bring food as your primary method to replenish lost health. There are also amulets and other items that allow teleportation in up to level 30 wilderness. If you have or can obtain them, always have them at hand.
Bring anything else at your own risk, unless it’s truly needed for your errand or quest to the wilderness.

Avoid ‘Hotspots’

PKers know the busiest and most populated/commonly visited areas. Avoiding these areas increase your survival rate in the wilderness. If you’re going to one of these places, try going to a less populated world first. When that’s not an option, check the mini-map for white dots that are potential PKers and avoid them. You can also avoid drawing their attention by looking as harmless as possible, but this method is a very high-risk one as they might decide to attack you anyway.
The next section covers strategies and paths you might want to use to escape any pursuing opponents.

Escaping Threats

Running for survival is not cowardly at all. When your valuables are at stake, all bets are off. So, for escaping any pursuing PKers, you can run toward an area populated with creatures to distract them. Wilderness obelisks can also be used to trap them and prevent them from teleporting. If none are nearby, huge obstacles such as trees and rocks that can temporarily block other players. It’s enough to let you log out safely.

Some Miscellaneous Tips

Other information to keep in mind is to stay away from the multi-combat areas, where survival rates drastically drop. The boundaries of those areas are usually marked by flags with two swords in a circle drawn on it. A similar mark will appear in the corner of the screen if you’re in one.
Be wary of the skull-tricking practices PKers might employ. The skull status will make all of your items drop (except for those protected by the Protect Item prayer/curse or by eating a Fury Shark) and stays for 10-20 mins. Attacking a player unprovoked is the main method of acquiring this status, and players have found out ways to incur it on unsuspecting players. Familiarize yourself with those methods and watch out for them.

In line with that, be sure to keep the ‘auto-retaliate’ setting off for the duration of your visit to the wilderness. This will greatly lower the chances of you getting skulled and losing all of your hard work and invested Runescape gold.
Lastly, always have an escape plan. Plan out escape routes as you go, observe trees and whatever obstacles you can use to shake off pursuers and always have teleport or binding spells at the ready.
Good luck on your adventures in the wilderness!